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6th European Conference on Tobacco or Health (ECToH)


"Turkish Association for Cancer Research and Control" in collaboration with "National Coalition on Tobacco or Health" will organize the congress under the auspices of the Association of European Cancer Leagues (ECL)

Turkey has a long history in the fight against tobacco whose first law became effective in 1996. The new legislation was brought in 2008 with a major tobacco ban and the the legislation was expanded to a higher standard, with comprehensive smoke legislation in 2009. The country was listed among the top five in 2010 European Tobacco Control Scale for European countries. With the latest regulations in 2012, Turkey is going on its way to be a tobacco free country.

Turkey also has a unique geography since it’s located at the intersection of three continents. On the other hand, Istanbul is the largest city of the modern Turkey with a bridge connecting not only East and West, but also the past and the future. In this context "capital of the three greatest empires in history" offers a unique experience with its colorful daily life, historical sites of various ancient civilizations and delightful tastes of its rich cuisine. We extremely glad to invite you to our congress to share this exciting atmosphere with us.

This conference is a must for policy makers, scientists, health educators, advocacy officers and health professionals involved in tobacco control.  For more information about ECTOH 2014, you could reach us at info@ectoh.org.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Istanbul.

Prof Tezer Kutluk, MD PhD

Chair, Executive Committee, ECTOH 2014
Past President, Association for European Cancer Leagues, ECL
Past President, Turkish Association for Cancer Research and Control
President, National Coalition on Tobacco or Health
President-Elect, UICC


You may also reach at info@ectoh.org.

  • Web Adresi: ectoh.org